Prototype production, design, and sales of wire harnesses. From the Port of Shanghai to destinations throughout Asia.

Our Services

Production Process

1. Inquiry

 Please inquire by mail form or phone.

Main office of Suzhou-PMO Co., Ltd. (China): +86 512 6737 0208

Japan Office : +81 53 580 3533

2. Planning

 A plan best suiting your needs will be created through detailed consultation based on your inquiry, diagrams, etc.

3. Quotation and contract

 After the planning stage, we will submit a quotation. (Please note that this may take some time, depending on the specifications involved.)
When an agreement is reached regarding the quotation and other details, we will sign a contract and begin making the necessary arrangements.

4. Production process

 Products will be produced in accordance with the specifications agreed upon in the planning stage.

5. Completion inspection

Product inspection will be performed based on our predefined product inspection checklist.

6. Shipping and delivery

Completed products will be delivered in accordance with the time frame or schedule and the delivery method of your choice.


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We offer one-stop service, from design, through prototype and mass production, to delivery, all customized to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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