Prototype production, design, and sales of wire harnesses. From the Port of Shanghai to destinations throughout Asia.

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Management philosophy

To ensure customer satisfaction, all employees shall jointly participate in management, to maximize workforce potential, the starting point of all production, and accomplishment potential, through determination to achieve ambitious targets; so that the company will enjoy continued success in the future.
The field is the starting point
The field is the starting point


View of the company building
View of the company building
Suzhou-PMO Co., Ltd., is a producer of a wide range of wire harnesses. We ship to anywhere in Asia from the Port of Shanghai.
We can respond to both small- and large-lot orders, for both small and large products. We will also produce prototypes, and design and manufacture the product that best meets your needs.
Company Name Suzhou-PMO Co., Ltd.
Main Office

Building No. 39 Export Processing Zone Sub Industrial Park,
No. 666 Jianlin Road, Suzhou National New and Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 

Japan Office 245 Toyoyasu, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, Japan
Representative Tsunehiko ITO , General Manager
Capital US$ 1,600,000
Established April 2012
Business area Assembly and production of wire harnesses
Certification  ISO9001

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